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Patriarch Porfirije: Kosovo-Metohija is place of our birth

GRACANICA 28 June 2022 - Whenever they come to Kosovo-Metohija, Serbs come to themselves because Kosovo-Metohija is the "place of our birth" where we attained "our name and our stamp," Patriarch Porfirije of the Serbian Orthodox Church said on Tuesday during a St Vitus's Day holy liturgy at the Gracanica Monastery in Kosovo-Metohija.

Without St Vitus's Day, Gracanica and all other holy sites in Kosovo-Metohija, the Serbian nation is not what it is, the patriarch said.

"In Gracanica, Decani, Prizren, the Patriarchate of Pec, we see clearly who we are - those are our eyes, St Vitus's Day is our eye, Holy Lazar is our ear and the Kosovo-Metohija holy sites are our mind," Porfirije noted.

In Kosovo-Metohija, we understand "not only our past and our roots, but also what our goal is, why we were sent to this world," he said.

We are called upon to be brothers with everyone, including ethnic Albanians because we "live here with them," he said.

"It is only in a community that we can be on the path of God," Porfirije noted.

Later, the patriarch will also lead a memorial service for the fallen heroes of the 1389 Battle of Kosovo at Gazimestan. (Tanjug)

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