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Frankinsence products of Visoki Dečani Monastery (Serbian Orthodox Church) received prestigious awards at this year's Novi Sad International Fair "Lorist" held from September 28 to October 2. Our products were awarded a gold medal and a cup of the Novi Sad Fair for the top quality of cosmetic products based on natural frankincense.

On behalf of our Monastery, the products were presented by Mrs. Ana Bokan, who as a technologist works for the Visoki Dečani monastery and makes cosmetic products from high-quality natural types of Bosvellia Sacra frankincense, which the Visoki Dečani monastery obzwins from Oman and Somalia. Awards were given to the following products, which are available for sale in the monastery store, or on our web store (će):

1. Frankincense face and body soap based on vegetable saponified oils, with the addition of frankincense oil;

2. Frankincense oil, with medicinal properties for skin care, and in the case of various inflammations and irritations, arthritis and similar diseases, with antibacterial and antiallergic properties;

3. Frankincense balm intended for skin that needs intensive treatment, with a beneficial effect that, unlike oil, has a longer-lasting effect. Like frankincense oil, it has regenerative properties for the skin;

4. Frankincense lip balm, with protective and regenerative properties for chapped lips.

In addition to frankincense cosmetic products, Visoki Dečani Monastery also sells natural types of incense from Oman and Somalia: Shabi Hojari, Royal Hojari, Superior Hojari, Mahdi Mushad and Maydi Mujarwaal for use in religious services and home prayers. It is a completely natural Boswellia Sacra incense, without any additives, which is especially valued for its natural pleasant smell and medicinal properties, and is therefore used in both medicine and cosmetics. Incense is packed in plastic bags, but also in specially handmade wooden boxes.

The high recognition of this year's Novi Sad Fair for our natural frankincense products represents a significant incentive for further work. The Monastery expresses its special gratitude to Mrs. Anna Bokan for her dedicated work and inventiveness, so this recognition for our Monastery is a special recognition for her work as well.

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